Well here they are! Our 12 finalists with SHINE ! Some were chosen for their unique interpretation of the song (Kristy, Kendra) , some for their amazing vocal talent (Nicole), Some made us smile with their delightful confidence (Brittany, Ava, Svara, Heather–Ann and Leah), we loved that all the Blake sisters got involved, and that others made delightful videos celebrating exuberance and Shine (Ella, Caitlyn and Hailey).

Thank you to everyone that entered. It was a very hard decision to narrow it down to these 12 but the one thing it has proven is that we are a country full of wonderful girls with lots of SHINE. Keep Shining.

This forum is here for friends and family to view the 12 finalist entry videos and show their support by liking and voting. The winner and 4 runners up will be chosen by a judging committee and will be announced at the DVD launch event on 12 September at Montecasino

Please note that all of these videos are different formats, it may take a while for them to buffer. Please be patient.

Ava – Age 5

Brittany – Age 4

Caitlyn – Age 5

Ella – Age 5

Emily, Ava & Grace – Ages 6, 5 & 3

Hailey – Age 3

Heather-Ann – Age 4

Kendra – Age 6

Kristy – Age 8

Leah – Age 9

Nicole – Age 9

Svara – Age 6